7 Fix Guide To Resolve Outlook Notifications Not Working

Outlook notifications not working, Why? It is because of mixed reasons. There could be network issue, incorrect outlook’s in-app notification settings, due to enabling focus mode and battery saver, due to outlook’s caches, etc. All these need to be fixed first. Thereafter, you can achieve Outlook notifications working smoothly.

Continue reading to have cleared the doubt with this simple yet informational guide.

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How to Fix outlook notifications not working on mac,windows 10? 

The given troubleshooting method will help fix the issue that is in your outlook. Continue following each step to find what works for you, in your case.

Troubleshoot 1: Perform Restart PC 

For any issue on your PC, there is this quick fix to try: RESTART PC. Doing so may resolve minor issues such as network issues or any others.

This fix, if helps in regaining Outlook working, is worth it. And, if not, jump onto the next troubleshooting quickly.

Troubleshoot 2: check for Outlook notification settings 

Changing a few settings in Outlook can do wonders for getting outlook work resumed. Here’s how:

  • First, launch Outlook and choose ‘File’ from the upper left corner.
  • Then, tap on ‘Mail’ to select it from the left of the new window.
  • Here, check whether the Play a Sound and Display a Desktop Alert options are checked under the ‘Message Arrival’
  • Eventually, tap the OK to save.

Troubleshoot 3: Switch off Focus Assist 

In outlook, focus assist is a function that helps you remain undisturbed from any emails or notifications. But, it can also avoid reaching an important notification to you. Therefore, it’s time to turn focus assist off by the given steps:

  • One: visit Settings>then System.
  • Two: After that, find the focus option and switch it off. Doing so will resume all the mail incoming.

Troubleshoot 4: Turn the battery saver off 

Users, when enabling a battery saver, it restricts the notification panel to work in the background. This stoppage is causing the outlook notifications not to work. Find out how you disable battery savers.

First: Move to the Settings option first.

Second: Then, search System.

Third: From the settings, choose Power & battery option.

Fourth: Tap the battery saver.

Fifth: Tap it to turn it off.

Troubleshoot 5: Make use of Outlook Rules 

Outlook rules could be one of the reasons why your Outlook notification is not working. Check it from the given steps:

Outlook rules may be one reason that causes Outlook notifications not to work so you can check Outlook rules.

  • Step 1: launch outlook. Then, choose the File menu from the top left.
  • Step 2: inside the information tab, choose ‘Manage Rules & Alerts’
  • Step 3: Here, is the downside of Email rules, remove rules that are causing hindrances. Tap the ‘Apply’ option and click ‘Ok.’

Troubleshoot 6: Try updating the Outlook to resolve the issue: 

Sometimes, outdated versions of Outlook can create issues. In order to be in the flow, the user should update their Outlook app to the latest one. To do so, follow the guide.

  • Launch your Outlook on your PC.
  • Move to the File and then the Office Account option.
  • After that from right-hand side, choose Update Options and then click ‘Update Now.’

Troubleshoot 7: Clean Outlook Caches 

Outlook saves caches in order to give a smooth experience to the user. This, however, sometimes become an issue in accessing the relevant notifications from Outlook.

Learn here to clean your outlook caches.

  • Open the run dialog by pressing Windows+R in the search bar from the lower left corner of your PC.
  • After it, mention localappdata\Microsoft\Outlook in the open field and tap Enter.
  • From the RoamCache folder, choose all the files and pick the trash icon to get them all deleted.

The bottom line: 

This is how you fix Outlook notifications not working fast. The above troubleshoots are worth applying anytime you come across your outlook issues.

In case you want more help, try connecting Outlook help section from the web.

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