How To Cancel Hulu Subscription: Easy Yet Effective Doing

Cancelling Hulu subscription is not tough; however, it’s too much easy. But, the process is different as per the device you are using Hulu on. In general, if it’s Android that you are using Hulu, it would be easy to cancel the subscription right from the Hulu app. However, in the case of an iOS device, the user has to visit their browser and then the Hulu website to cancel their subscription.

How it’s done is explained in a later section. Continue reading to be familiar with the steps.

Hulu is an American Multinational streaming company. It gives the privilege to watch numerous movies, series, and almost all kinds of TV shows live and recorded popular at the time.

Users subscribe to Hulu with a few pennies to unlock other premium features. But, at times, they also look for the option to cancel their subscription for any reason. Notably, this guide is to make you skilled for unsubscribing from your Hulu membership.

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How to cancel Hulu subscription 2022? 

In order to cancel a Hulu subscription, different kind of steps is there. Also, this difference emerges from the device that you have chosen to run Hulu on.

For instance, if you use android, it has different steps to cancel your Hulu subscription. And also, the steps are different for iPhone devices.

Cancel Hulu subscription on android: 

In order to cancel a Hulu subscription on android, you don’t need to wander as it can happen through the device, unlike iPhone. Let’s see how we can cancel the Hulu subscription on android.

  • On your android device, tap to open Hulu
  • Now, from the bottom of the screen, select Account
  • Then, click the Account option and type the password one more time (if asked).
  • Lastly, you will have to tap the ‘Cancel’ option next to the Cancel Your Subscription

This way, you will easily be able to cancel your Hulu subscription on android.

How To Cancel Hulu Subscription On Iphone? 

Unlike Android, it is tougher to cancel a Hulu subscription on the iPhone. In doing so, the user has to launch the browser on their iPhone and visit the official Hulu website.  The below steps is for the same, have a look.

Step: 1 Tap on “Settings” on your iPhone device.

Step: 2 Select the Apple ID from the upper section of the screen.

Step: 3 You select the “Subscriptions” option and choose Hulu subscription.

Step: 4 Next, search for “Cancel My Subscription.”

Step: 5 Additionally, if using “Free Trial” then select the “Cancel My Free Trial” option.

Step: 6 In the end, give your confirmation to cancel your Hulu subscription.

This is how Hulu subscription cancellation takes place.

How to cancel hulu subscription on roku?

Not only android or iPhone, but users can also take the help of Roku to cancel their Hulu subscription. Below given steps will help you to know how.

  • Initially, open the browser on your phone, PC, etc. and visit the official Roku site.
  • Here, Enter the details of your Roku account to log in.
  • Next, tap the “Sign in”
  • You will find the “Welcome [your name]” option after you put details.
  • Now, the user will choose “Manage your subscriptions.”
  • This will open a new page where all subscribed channels will appear. Also, users can see the type of subscription along with the time it will expire.
  • Find ‘Hulu subscription.’
  • Here, tap the “Unsubscribe” option from the right of Hulu

How to Cancel Hulu on the Web 

This method is popular and is considered the easy one when it comes to cancelling your Hulu subscription. In this, you just have to land on the official Hulu website. And for that, you need a device; it could be your smartphone or desktop.

After you have reached to official Hulu website, here are a few more activities you need to perform.

  • From the top of the Hulu site’s screen, choose Log in option; this will help your Hulu account login.
  • Here, enter the Hulu credentials to log into your account.
  • Next, select your name from the top.
  • Now, click the Account
  • Keep going down the side of the page until you find ‘Cancel Your Subscription.’ Then, tap ‘Cancel.’
  • Finally, confirm the cancellation by clicking the Continue

The cancellation process of any subscription is a bit lengthy, so it doesn’t seem different in Hulu as well.

No company would want to lose their users, which is why they keep offering multiple offers even till the end. This, you will also see in your Hulu cancellation process.

However, if your decision is stable, you don’t need to be influenced by any of the offers and should pick ‘Cancel Hulu Subscription’ option.

Other options to cancel Hulu subscription–

Due to the Hulu being flexible with any of the devices and services, it opens several ways to reach out to your Hulu account and make changes to it. Let’s see what other ways are with which you can unsubscribe from your Hulu subscription.

  • Cancel Hulu Through a Cable Provider:

Apart from the devices like android and iOS, Hulu services are also provided by cable providers. This way, you have your personal account with cable provider service which you can use to cancel the subscription.

Additionally, you can also contact the cable service provider and ask them to cancel your Hulu subscription.

  • Cancel your Hulu subscription with the help of applications:

A few other options such as third-party applications help to cancel your Hulu subscription on your behalf. Similarly, one of the applications that seem working well is Do Not Pay.

To use it, follow the steps.

  • Open your Do Not Pay app,
  • After that, tap Find Hidden Money and enter Hulu there.
  • Finally, as soon as the Hulu opens, tap the Unsubscribe


How To Cancel Hulu Subscription: With the variety of choices to make changes in your Hulu account, it gives you an extra edge in terms of the feasibility of using this app.

Unsubscribing or cancelling your subscription on Hulu is very much simple; however, all you need is the rightful approach. Luckily, we have given so.

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