Why Is Hotmail Not Working Today? Weed Out The Reasons!

Hotmail is easy to use mail service that Microsoft offers to the user. Hotmail stopped its services in 2013 and shifted to Outlook. However, this didn’t make hotmail foul-proof as lots of users keep encountering Hotmail Not Working. Hotmail seems disturbed because of Server Issue, Browser Issue, Poor internet connectivity, use of protective measure such as anti-virus and so on.

Hotmail, like other emails, is not foul-proof. This means it could go down when you need it the most.

Here, you would ask what the solution is then.

The solution is simple. It is to figure out the reasons behind what’s happening and fix it with genuine troubleshooters. Let’s find the most common causes causing ‘Hotmail Not Working today.’

Reasons For Which ‘Hotmail Not Working’

Common causes because of what you are stuck with Hotmail not working issue.

  • Cache and cookies in a browser
  • Connection problem with the internet
  • False input of Username & Password
  • Outdated version
  • Virus attack on Hotmail
  • A problem in configuring Hotmail on the browser.
  • an email filter is misconfigured
  • Hotmail is enabled with the forwarding option.
  • the server went down the issue
  • Outlook version is outdated.
  • Your device can be wrong with your iPhone, computer, android, or tablet.
  • Application is causing problems.

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Fixing ‘Hotmail Not Working error’ with troubleshooting guide– 

As soon as the ‘Why’ behind the issue came in front, it’s time to fix it with solutions best for the condition to get normal.

  • Check out Hotmail Server Issue:

Any mail requires a strong server that helps to send and receive emails quickly. But if it is found that the server isn’t responding as it should be, there’s a need to stop and fix it. But, how a user will know whether a server is an actual problem? Hence, to know about server status, users should look out for various websites providing free services for the same. A few of them are “Downdetector”.com and isitdownrightnow.com.

In case you have figured out that the issue persists in the server, then all you can do is to wait for some time until the service seems normal in function.

  • Update the browser to the latest version:

Compatibility with your email services can be better if you take care of the browser and keep it updated timely. Poor performance of your browser happens most of the time due to its being outdated. Hence, to get rid of any such situation, update it to the latest version available at the date.

To update: find the setting option and check out for the latest version available for your browser. Finally, tap to install.

  • Put ‘Email Filter’ Off:

If you have enabled Email Filter in your mail, you will most likely face issues with the transfer of emails. This is why; ensure continuing email transfer again by disabling the Email Filter option on the mail.

Along with it, ‘Mail Forwarding’ option is also one of the reasons why emails don’t reach you. It often comes as a doubt like Hotmail not receiving emails. This happens because incoming emails shift towards another email address due to enabling the mail forwarding option.

Therefore, to maintain email flow, disable the ‘mail forwarding option. Also, ensure that the email address is not blocked from your end from which you want emails.

  • Turn off Anti-virus or any security program:

If you are using any of the security programs whether it’s anti-virus or anything like that, there are chances that your Hotmail will not be allowed to be used when it is turned on.

This is because the antivirus considers Hotmail as spam and freezes its usage.

All you can do here is, turn the security program off for some time, at least when you are using Hotmail on your device. After that, you can put it on normal mode.

  • Establish a steady internet connection:

Network connectivity, that too steady and reliable, is a primary requirement for an app to function. This looks as ‘not to give value upon point’; but if the device that you are using for email is not well internet equipped, you will have issues for sure ahead in the process.

Hence, check for a stable internet connection. You can do so by visiting any of the sites on your browser. Or, to be sure of the speed of your network, you can take the help of various speed checker sites online.

Once you are confident about the network thing, move to work with your Hotmail.

  • Fix Hotmail Server Settings:

Another most avoided reason why Hotmail stops working is using Hotmail without setting up its server settings.

The server is crucial because it surveillances the conduct of emails. Therefore, if you are having issues with your Hotmail email, you should look out for the server setting.

Take help from the given server settings to avoid confusion:

  • For incoming Mail server type: IMAP

outlook.office365.com; 993; SSL/TLS

  • For incoming Mail server type: POP

outlook.office365.com; 995; SSL/TLS

  • For outgoing mail server: SMTP

smtp.office365.com; 587; STARTTLS

  • Enter correct details: Email & Password

When you, in hurry, enter the wrong email or password, it results in a login failure. This is common among users and hence needs special attention while entering details. Moreover, if you find yourself not able to log in due to the wrong password, it can be possible to reset the password. For that, choose the ‘Forget Password’ option.

Hotmail not working on my phone: iPhone and Android 

If in case you are facing Hotmail not working on your iPhone or Android, this step guide is worth considering to come out of the issue.

First, what we will do is: we will remove the Hotmail account from devices (android or iPhone) and then will add it to Outlook.

Starting with;


  • First of all, launch the Outlook app on your iPhone. Further, move to the settings.
  • Then after, search for ‘Accounts & Passwords;’ tap on Hotmail account (in Outlook).
  • From here, tap ‘Delete’ to remove the account.
  • After that, navigate to settings, tap the accounts option and click ‘Add Account.’


  • Open outlook on the device.
  • Then, choose ‘Account’ from the upper left corner. Moreover, tap the setting from the bottom in the lower left corner.
  • After that, from the list choose your Hotmail account.
  • Next, move to the bottom direct and tap the ‘Delete’ option.
  • After it is deleted, come back to the main screen, choose the account option and envelope icon with a ‘+’ sign.
  • Tap on the popped-up option ‘Add New Account.’ Enter the details of your Hotmail account to add it here.

Tips to Solve Hotmail Problems on Mac 

Generally, users find Hotmail working problems on mac. This is because of poor configuration between both Apple devices and Hotmail. Hotmail is now offered by Microsoft and the iOS devices are of Apple.

Keeping both configured, it is essential to set Hotmail settings for mac. To do so, follow the steps:

  • The first is to open the Hotmail app on mac.
  • Then after, navigate to ‘Preferences.’
  • Next, choose ‘Account’
  • Later, tap on the “+” sign to add a new account.
  • Here, enter the details such as username, password, and the type of account.
  • For incoming server: POP-mail.outlook.com
  • For Outgoing server: SMTP-mail.outlook.com
  • In the end: tap Sign-in

Final Remark! 

Here, a discussion about Hotmail not working happened. This was a solution-oriented blog for Hotmail not working today. Hope the defined troubleshooting would help you out of this aching glitch. Additionally, look out for more help from Hotmail or Outlook mail support.

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